Yes, you can (and should) clean your phone camera lens– here’s how

In other posts I explained how high-quality smartphone cameras have opened up the real possibility of shooting with smartphones exclusively. Whether you use your smartphone as your go-to camera or for day-to-day moments, your camera phone lens is likely to get dirty quickly. And I’ve had more than a few smartphone photos impacted by a dirty lens. Here’s what you can do to keep that little piece of glass on your phone clean.

Book review: Capturing Light by Michael Freeman

Last week I read another book about photography: “Capturing Light” by Michael Freeman.

The mitp publishing house provided me with this book. With every test or review I tell the cooperation partner in advance that I give my own opinion about the product – so this can also be negative. So this article is an honest opinion of mine, which is not influenced by the free copy. Here are my thoughts on the book.